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Older pensions could be delivering poor value for money

Older pensions could be delivering poor value for money:

In February, Research conducted by the Institute for Fiscal Studies funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, was published.

How can entrepreneurs improve their financial resilience?

How can entrepreneurs improve their financial resilience?

More people than ever before are working for themselves and setting up businesses.

Good retirement planning is about more than your pension and money

If you’re nearing retirement, you may be starting to think about planning the next stage of your life, so, what should retirement planning include?

Why you shouldn’t panic during market volatility

Why you shouldn’t panic during market volatility: Over the last two years, investors have experienced a lot of volatility.

The importance of a shareholders agreement

For limited companies, when it comes to making decisions, Company Law states shareholders who own more than 50% can pass a motion at a company meeting regardless of the views of other shareholders and if shareholder(s) owns more than 75% of the shares they control the company outright and can veto the decisions of all other shareholders.

Tax on Cryptocurrency in the UK

What is a cryptoasset or cryptocurrency? Many people will have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and perhaps Stellar, Tether or Eos. There are many different types of cryptoassets. So-called ‘cryptocurrencies ‘ are just one variation.

Company buy back of shares as an alternative exit

Another potential exit for shareholders would be for the company to buy back their shares.

Sale of company to employee share ownership trust

This alternative to the classic management buy-out enables the shareholders of a trading company to sell their shares free of CGT to a trust set up for the benefit of the employees.

Passing on your business to the next generation

If you do not wish to sell your business but are looking to reduce your involvement, you may be considering passing on your business to the next generation, or maybe your management team.

Planning to sell your business in 2022?

Now that the economy is starting to recover, this could be a good time to think about selling your business. Remember that under the current capital gains rules, the first £1 million of an individual’s gains potentially qualify for a 10% rate of tax, provided business asset disposal relief applies. We can check whether or not you and other business owners qualify for this generous relief. Note that the £1 million limit applies to all disposals during an individual’s lifetime