Integrate your property business with Xero and PocketRent

Our accounting solutions for Landlords and Estate agents combine the power of Xero cloud accountingwith the intelligent application of tailored software and tools to revolutionise not just the way you manage your accounting but also how your business operates day to day.

We’ve helped a number of businesses within the property sector migrate to Xero and start to leverage the benefits that come with integrated applications that help them manage all aspects of their property ownership and management.

Are you a landlord?  Are you looking for the complete accounting package that will allow you to manage your time effectively whilst ensuring that you keep your tenants happy?  Well what would you say if we told you that you could have the ability to fully integrate your property business with our Xero accounting solution aided by the additional service we provide called PocketRent?

We have designed and developed an accounting solutions primarily focused on the Landlord and  Estate Agents which combines the exciting power of Xero Cloud accounting with the intelligent application involving our tailored software and tools that will seriously revolutionise both the day to day running of your business along with your accounting processes.

Already here at A&C Chartered Accountants these solutions have allowed us to help a large number of businesses specifically within the property sector to fully leverage many benefits from these integrated applications whilst allowing them to manage every single aspect of their property ownership and management.

PocketRent alone will give you – the landlord – seamless property management at your fingertips by building software to help manage both tenants and rental properties all around the world.  PocketRent is already the premium choice for many estate agents and landlords because of it’s simple to use dashboard which allows you to keep track of any and all rental payments, inspections and visits and any maintenance required.

As you would expect PocketRent integrates perfectly with Xero cloud accounting to offer the complete package for all landlords and estate agents.  It is through it’s integrations with many third part apps that Xero really comes into its own and allows you to full streamline your workflow whilst at the same time getting the best out of your accounting practices.

We are sure that you would agree that even this simple app by itself is worth its weight in gold, especially to landlords where your workflow and time management is key to the success of your business.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level and would like to find out more about how the Xero cloud based accounting system can help you as a landlord please get in touch today – we would love to hear from you!  We can guarantee that Xero is more than sure to give you powerful automation, collaboration and accounting flexibility that is simply cannot be matched by any rival provider.  This will allow you to remain in firm control of your financial data
while still managing to have it available in real time at the touch of a button.

So what are you waiting for – our team are waiting to hear from you and are more than ready to take your accounting and business practices into the cloud and beyond! Contact us now