Tax Advisory Services

While Barrington Hulse (BHTA) provide valuable taxation planning and advisory assistance throughout the lifecycle and across the core parts of the UK tax code, the firm boasts particular strength and specialism in a wide range of corporate work including reorganisations, successions, trade sales and acquisitions.

Most owners will come to junctures in their business lives when important corporate transactions or restructuring become highly desirable. They will need experienced advisers to design an efficient and effective plan, to enlist the services of the right legal team, and to guide them through implementation, meeting the commercial, legal and taxation objectives of all stakeholders along the way. BHTA sits firmly in this advisory space.

BHTA work with owners, and other individuals, throughout the business and personal lifecycles.

While their planning work spans a very wide range of aspects – [including planning start-ups, minimising revenue taxes, setting efficient profit extraction methods, accessing tax-advantaged investment, facilitating retention of key personnel, acquiring and handling property, reorganising business and ownership structures, designing and implementing exits, managing estates and reducing Inheritance Tax exposure] – the practice does have a particular specialism in all corporate transaction and reorganisation work.

This corporate transaction and reorganisation work includes the design and execution of important things like;

  •  Demergers and Partitions
  • Share Option Schemes (eg. EMI and CSOP)
  • Acquisitions and Trade Sales
  • Management Buy-Outs (MBO)
  • Family Successions
  • sales to Employee Ownership Trusts (EOT)
  • Incorporations

Tax Specialisms at BHTA

While BHTA successfully and enthusiastically handle taxation planning work across the UK Tax Code and throughout the lifecycle for our clients, the practice boasts particular technical strength and experience in a number of key areas which we consider to be our “Tax Specialisms”.

Current hot topics include:

IHT and Estate Management

Individuals would be wise to consider an Inheritance tax and Estate Management review sooner rather than later to give as much time as possible to implement planning opportunities during lifetime. BHTA will help achieve your family wealth planning objectives.

Employee Ownership Trust

BHTA are specialists in this area and will work with you to discuss your current position to see if implementing an EOT structure will help achieve your objectives.
The introduction of an Employee Ownership Trust structure gives business owners the opportunity to establish a John Lewis style “employee-owned” structure above their trading company, with the significant added benefit of allowing them to sell some/all their shares free from any Capital Gains Tax exposure. BHTA work with business owners to ensure they are fully aware of their obligations both pre and post-sale.

Management Buy Out

BHTA work with business owners to create a bespoke Management Buy Out plan for when the time is right for them to take a step back from the day-to-day operations, whether retirement is achieved in one fell swoop or more gradually.

Why choose A&C Chartered Accountants and Barrington Hulse Tax & Advisory?


Combined, A&C Chartered Accountants and Barrington Hulse Tax & Advisory have over 40 years’ combined experience in tax planning and consultancy and accountancy. BHTA Their practice is built on the core principle that “People Do Business With People” and this is reflected in their approach and service standards.


Time is the most precious resource we have. We ensure all your accounting needs and Tax Services are met on time, with the highest level of care and accuracy.


Our aim is to give your business the confidence it needs to grow and continue to be successful. We partner with you to ensure this happens.

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