5 Simple Zero-Waste Tips in the Office

The zero-waste lifestyle does not need to end when you arrive to your office. For office employees, the time spent in the office may be significantly more than the time spent on other activities. This will directly influence the amount of waste you produce from office activities.

Other than bringing a reusable bag, reusable water bottle, dining kit and recycling the waste you’ve produced, there are many other things that you can do to be more proactive in reducing waste from your office activities. From reducing paper usage to determining the right office supplies, your decision in the office can be part of a zero-waste lifestyle.

In reality, the paper is only one amongst other types of waste produced in the office. This means there are still other types of materials that could’ve been saved from landfills, including plastic, metal and food waste. To prevent excessive waste generation, responsible waste management and good habit from the staff members are critical.

  1. Have recyclable bins in the office. This is so important and so easy to do. Especially if you use a lot of paper. If you have to use plastic for any reason make sure you recycle it.
  2. Reduce the use of paper. In the digital era we can print less. As chartered Accountants we now get our clients to e-sign their documents. It saves a lot of paper and encourage our clients to do the same.
  3. Use recyclable, compostable and reusable office supplies. There is so much available online nowadays. Why not check out this great website here.
  4. When bringing in your food from home don’t forget your reusable water bottle and lunch box.
  5. Avoid wasting food. Try not to make more than you can eat to avoid this as much as possible.


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