Did you know that…

…if your pension fund is worth less than £18,000, you can withdraw, subject to certain conditions, the whole lot in one go as a cash lump sum.  Normally you can only take 25% as a cash lump sum and the remainder is used as a pension for the rest of your life.

Pension funds with a value less than or equal to £18,000 are officially known as ‘ trivial funds ‘ and you are allowed to draw out the fund in full provided the following condions are met:-

you are aged between 60 and 75
the value of all your pension fund(s) is no miore than £18,000
if you have more than one fund you must cash them all in within a 12 month period
25% of the fund(s) value can be taken tax free and the balance is taxed at basic rate tax
the pension company will allow you to do it

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