HMRC targets solicitors in latest crack down!

Solicitors are being targeted by HM Revenue & Customs for not paying enough tax

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is urging solicitors to come forward and bring their tax affairs up to date as part of a new campaign. Solicitors are the latest group of professionals being targeted by HMRC for non-payment of tax.

Information gathered by HMRC has identified solicitors who appear to have not fully declared income or paid the correct amount of tax. HMRC has made it clear that it will vigorously pursue anyone who decides not to put their tax affairs in order. Solicitors who are self-employed or work within a partnership are being targeted, as well as those who work within a law firm.

HMRC have criminally investigated a number of professionals who did not come forward with most being successfully prosecuted.

Clients choosing to make a disclosure to HMRC need to be carefully prepared and presented.

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