Tax Deadlines in May

Employer Tax Returns

Month ended 30/4/16 – Pay and file on ROS by 23/5/16

VAT Returns

Bi Monthly Returns to 30/4/16 – pay and file on ROS by 23/5/16.

If you have an April year end, file your Return of Trading details by 23/5/16.

RCT Returns

RCT monthly return and payment for April 2016 – pay and file by 23/5/16. Note a €100 fine applies to late returns.

Corporation Tax Returns and Payments

In May consider:

Companies with an August 2015 year end – file return and pay balance of tax on 23/5/16.

Companies with a June 2016 year end – Pay preliminary tax by 23/5/16

Remember, preliminary tax must generally equal the lower of 100% of last year’s liability or 90% of current year expected liability.

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