Why Not Wednesday

Sure Why Not!! Is One Way To Start An Adventure!

Today is #whynotwednesday! A day dedicated to trying out something new! Why Not!

We are giving you the chance to take full advantage of our FREE Xero tutorials & our FREE data transfer from Sage to Xero only on Wednesdays.
If you haven’t heard or seen the future of accounting in action then there is not time like the present and the present is FREE!
Why Not book yourself in with our marketing director Chloe, who is more than happy to work around your busy schedules, to make time to show you why you should be using Xero!
Its #whynotwednesday guys, Why Not!

Call 0161 214 7984 or email chloe@ac-accounts.co.uk.

For more information on how a&c Chartered Accountants make the transition from your old accounting software to the revolutionary Xero follow the below link!

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