To all our clients and prospects.  Have you considered the benefits of transferring your accounts function totally on-line and in the cloud.   Well with Xero ( see www.xero.com ) you can and we can implement it for you and transfer all your data from Sage so that you will be up and running in no time.  As certified Xero accountants we can guide you through it.

We have made the switch and have not looked back.  The benefits are as follows:-

  • small monthly fee ( from less than £20/month )
  • no server needed
  • software always up to date
  • automatic back uyp
  • easy to use ( very intuitive )
  • allows a better relationship with your accountant
  • etc

Give us a call, have and on-line demonstration and make the switch. ( tel 0161 962 1855 )

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