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At A&C Chartered Accountants, we treat your business as our own. Beyond traditional accounting, our expert advisory services help start-ups thrive from day one. From tax planning and bookkeeping to VAT and CIS compliance, we handle all your accounting needs, strategically guiding your business towards success with confidence and clarity.

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Paul was extremely helpful. He gave me solid advice for all of my queries. I would highly recommend if you want professional and personable solutions to any of your business needs. Thank you for your help Paul; I’m excited to work with you again in the very near future.
Lewis Pierce
Lewis P.
11:53 05 Apr 24
Paul and the team are incredibly friendly and professional. Having had no prior experience running a business, their face to face meetings and in person training for Xero software have been invaluable.
Chloe Jackson
Chloe J.
10:38 29 Mar 24
We have been using A&C Chartered Acountants for a few months and are really impressed with the attention to detail, knowledge and help that they have provided to our company. Steph has been great with communication and helped us to stay on top of our business targets!
11:40 01 Mar 24
Steph from A&C chartered accountants has been amazing giving me great advice and helping me with the information I needed to begin my business venture.
Ben Cook
Ben C.
11:36 01 Mar 24
Needed advice and support for self assessment tax return. A&C responded really quickly. Paul massively helped me and gave me loads of information about my tax return, he talked through details in a really understandable way and gave me the reassurance about my tax return. Thank you so much Paul really appreciate your time.
Fiona Doran
Fiona D.
20:56 11 Jan 24
Steph and the team at A&C supported me with my small business from 2018 - 2023. Through every step of the journey, their customer service and supportive approach was 5-star. Steph took the time to get to know me and my objectives and offered solution focused clarity to all the aspects of running a business that can seem daunting when first becoming self-employed! Would recommend to any small business looking for assistance.
Alexandra Langhorn
Alexandra L.
13:20 14 Dec 23
I have been with A&C accountants for a whopping 8 years now and with that said there’s not much more to say. Thanks for all your support over the years.
Nikita Reid-Lyle
Nikita R.
14:58 03 Nov 23
Great local firm of accountants. Have taken all the stress out of both my personal and business accounting. The high level of customer service and approachability at A&C have kept me as a client for 3 years plus now, together with them being local, as sometimes its best to discuss things face to face.
David Pain
David P.
13:56 06 Oct 23
Selina and Paul were incredibly helpful. We spoke at length about all aspects of the accounts procedure and afterwards I had a much better understanding of how everything worked. Glad to be working with them and very happy to have them on side. Also, seems like a great working atmosphere, really friendly staff and good people all round.
Neema Riazi
Neema R.
15:01 25 Sep 23
I have the pleasure of working with A&C Chartered Accountants, and I couldn't be happier with their services. From the moment I walked through their doors, I was impressed by their professionalism.The team at A&C Chartered Accountants is not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but also incredibly approachable and client-focused. They took the time to understand my specific financial needs and provided me with tailored solutions that exceed my expectations.What truly sets A&C Chartered Accountants apart is their commitment to transparency and integrity. I feel confident that my financial matters are in trustworthy hands, and they went above and beyond to ensure compliance with all regulations and tax laws.Their attention to detail and proactive communication made the entire process smooth and stress-free. They consistently delivered results that were not only accurate but also optimized for my financial well-being.I can confidently say A&C Chartered Accountants is more than just an accounting service; they are true financial partners. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch accounting services, and I look forward to developing our successful partnership in the future.
Patrick O'Connell
Patrick O.
23:05 21 Sep 23
Paul and the team were fantastic in setting up my new company - very patient and explained all the information clearly and simply.
Garry Pairaudeau
Garry P.
12:30 21 Aug 23
I switched to A&C Chartered Accountants during the switch from self employment to starting a company. Paul has been extremely helpful throughout, explaining everything as it happened so that I fully understood the process. The team are very proactive, and also very friendly.I appreciate the fact that I can reach out with any questions and receive a quick response from Paul or Ana to help me with my issue or query.I strongly recommend working with them.
Ellie Newland
Ellie N.
11:22 19 Apr 23
I searched a lot for a reliable accountant, read countless reviews online. In the end, I chose AC Chartered Accountants. And my choice and vote of confidence was confirmed! They reply always within a few hours (if not straight away!), regardless how small and simple my query or issue might be. I was completely clueless when I set up my Ltd as to UK tax laws and system. Paul and Chloe showed patience and where EXTREMELY helpful from the start, setting up my whole account, sufficiently explaining everything! I feel confident in my steps forward with them. 100% recommend, I have already started recommending them to fellow Contractors in the Construction Managers environment!
Michail Andrianakis
Michail A.
10:38 17 Mar 23
Outstanding service. Paul went way beyond the remit of the job, and I so appreciated his kindness and thoughtfulness. Highly recommended. Best wishes to you and the team.
Giles Golding
Giles G.
15:03 30 Jan 23
Fantastic company! Made me really feel at ease with my tax queries 🙂
Adam Lupton
Adam L.
10:24 09 Jan 23
I would definitely recommend Paul at A&C for his guidance around tax compliance. Thank you.
helen platt
helen P.
21:36 04 Nov 22
Great experience, really helpful and pro-active.
Anthony Hurley
Anthony H.
10:13 01 Nov 22
We have been working with A&C since 2015 and they have always been of great support to our small business. Paul and his team are always up to date with the latest trends in accounting and they always offered unbiased and impartial opinions, to help us make our choices. Joshua, our Account Manager, has a lot of patience and will spend all the time we need, supporting completing the accounting tasks and explaining the processes. We can easily reach out to him and he has always been happy to answer all our questions and to explain the solutions to any accounting problem, all this in a very friendly way.
chiara f
chiara f
10:19 09 Oct 22
Great services & advice so far. Paul has been very helpful and is always speedy to reply!
Alex Hesp-Gollins
Alex H.
11:57 17 Aug 22
For me one of the best Accountants companies in the UK. Always going the extra miles to help you and explaining the best way to proceed in different situations. Thanks for all the team of A&C, especially to Paul for is outstanding work and dedication.
Jorge Alves
Jorge A.
18:23 26 Jul 22
A very knowledgeable, attentive and friendly team of professionals who really do understand my accounting needs and goals. I’m now more confident than ever, knowing I could call on them for advice and get a prompt response. My business and personal tax is no longer a complicated maze thanks to them. I’d highly recommend them!
Jesse Mainee
Jesse M.
13:39 19 Jul 22
Paul & his accounting team have been absolutely amazing with me, helping me as I've just set up a new Ltd company because I've bought out my ex business partner.Paul & his team has helped us every step of the way & already dedicated alot of time & attention to helping us get set up & talk us through the future.His dedication to his work & service was obvious from the 1st meet & I look forward to a long business relationship with him & his team.I'd highly recommend.
phil pownall
phil P.
07:37 17 May 22
Setting up our own LTD company as creatives felt like a very daunting task, but having A&C accountants on hand has been absolutely invaluable to make it a smooth and dare I say it fun process!From the first meeting with Paul who broke down in detail our responsibilities as a business, to being set up with the software and having a team of people to promptly answer all our queries and questions has filled us with the confidence that we are in good hands.I highly recommend to anyone looking to start a company to use their excellent service.
Arran Murphy
Arran M.
15:25 13 May 22
I can’t recommend Paul at A&C Chartered Accountants highly enough. I was setting up a limited company for the first time and Paul made it such a hassle free experience. I am now running the business with his service and I am very happy with it. His turnaround time is amazing, if you have a question/unsure how to do certain things then he is available to explain to you or show you how.
Young Kim
Young K.
07:44 13 Apr 22
I had to submit a tax return for the first time and did not know where to start. A&C helped me understand what was need and were always at the end of the phone if I was unsure about something. Josh was extremely professional and informative through-out the whole proccess! A big thank you to the whole team for making my tax return less stressful.
Andrew Hoszowskyj
Andrew H.
18:50 28 Feb 22
Paul from A&C Chartered Accountants Manchester has helped me in two different occasions over the phone. He was extremely professional and helpful. Would highly recommend him.
Elisa Dispenza
Elisa D.
10:45 31 Jan 22
Peter Jackson
Peter J.
12:58 27 Jan 22
A & C have been a breath of fresh air, providing a thorough and personal service in a professional and clear way to help us understand the complex world of tax!
Anthony Thompson
Anthony T.
10:06 19 Nov 21
We have been working with AC Accounts for about 12 years across a dozen business ventures spanning a range of sectors. From day one, the entire team has been a keystone in our success, providing exceptional service and advice covering every aspect of accounting, payroll, investments and business advice. Quite literally, the team at AC feel like extended members of our internal teams, and it's always a pleasure to be working alongside them. Highly recommended.
Andrew Langhorn
Andrew L.
11:04 11 Nov 21
A&C Chartered Accountants are efficient, extremely professional and knowledgeable.I got an appointment with Paul straightaway. Paul answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed.Highly recommended. Can't thank them enough.
Katerina Hatz
Katerina H.
07:53 24 Sep 21
Paul and the team are amazing. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable accountancy company.
James George Ogilvie
James George O.
14:23 14 Jul 21
I cannot recommend this company enough. They do my small business accounts, not only did they save me time and effort- they saved me money too!I thought I could manage my own accounts, but they gave me great adviceThe team were all very knowledgeable and professional too. and efficient, they just got on with the job. Most of the process was done online. Easy peasy
nichola pass
nichola P.
16:24 09 Jul 21
A&C chartered accountants are outstanding. They are so professional and efficient and I am absolutely delighted with the service they provide.The team are so helpful from Paul , Chloe, Maddison and the rest of the team, I would highly recommend them. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I definitely would.Thank you to all the team.Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy C.
07:10 30 Jun 21
A&C Chartered Accountants offer a tailored service to your specific business demands and that is something I experienced first hand as Paul and the team helped me set up my company.Amazing , supportive and exceptional are what I would describe A&C Chartered Accountants, it is always a pleasant experience when ever I need my queries answered and I have never walked away without a satisfactory response.I would extremely recommend any individual or business looking for an accountancy firm to come here, their attention to detail and interest in understanding your business alone will convince you that you have made the correct decision.
Nuwfall El-Alej
Nuwfall E.
20:23 15 Jun 21
Fantastic company, Paul and his team are always there to help and always deliver!
Adam Southern
Adam S.
17:47 02 Jun 21
If only every accountant was as good as A&C. Paul helped me through the initial set up and info collection and makes the whole process seem straightforward. Everyone I've dealt with has been knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend.
Mitchel White
Mitchel W.
13:43 17 May 21
I have had one or two accountants in my life and I can say that A&C are friendly and professional but so were the others when the sun was shining. However in this pandemic more truer colours have been revealed in so many ways and it would have been oh so easy to adopt an attitude of 'every man for himself' which I have experienced from others long long ago, but as a breath of welcome fresh air I have found that A&C went above and beyond and couldn't have been any more supportive. A&C have shown their true colours and in my experience warrant five stars and I for one owe them my gratitude. I think this is my second google review ever, which says it all really as sometimes you just want to give credit to where credit is due.
06:54 29 Apr 21
Paul is a great guy!Excellent service very professional.Would highly recommend using his services.
Tkb Recoveries
Tkb R.
07:02 23 Apr 21
I was worried before I signed up with A&C Accountants but they have been really helpful and made things easy to understand.They are a little bit more expensive than the average but they are well worth it.Thanks guys
Ayman Hussein
Ayman H.
22:25 23 Mar 21
A&C provided me with a great service, very professional, helpful and thorough. I would highly recommend them for their services. Overall i was very satisfied
Dan Moffatt
Dan M.
10:46 12 Mar 21
Highly recommend A&C Chartered Accountants. Paul and the team are very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and professional. The team made the process very easy and took away all the stress. First time I have used a Chartered accountant and I was extremely happy with the prompt service provided.
Rachel Owen
Rachel O.
20:54 10 Feb 21
Having moved over from another accountant firm I'm really happy with my experience with the A&C team so far. I get a fast response to any query and they've been happy to help with any questions I've had, as well as making the switch over really smooth!
12:04 14 Jan 21
Great service!Thanks for all your help to set up my new business and for the ongoing support.
Emilie Cunliffe
Emilie C.
17:58 13 Jan 21
I have found the company and the staff in particular Paul and Josh extremely helpful and professional I would highly recommend A&C Chartered Accountants
Stephen Martin
Stephen M.
19:24 30 Nov 20
I am so happy I chose A&C Chartered Accountants as my accountant! It's probably one of the best business decisions I made this year. Paul is really knowledgeable and always covers everything thoroughly. I am impressed with how much work they put into it, Paul always delivers on all the services that are advertised. He is really professional and always easy to get in touch with (today I just had a 45 minutes call with him). When I needed a letter to open my business account, Chloe sent it to me on the same day that I had requested it. I would really really recommend A&C Chartered Accountants, worth every penny.
11:52 15 Oct 20
I have just rang up for an advice and the service I received was more than pleasant.I spoke with Paul who was very helpful and nice. Thank you was a pleasant to speak to you today
13:59 09 Oct 20
Paul was responsive, easy to contact and very tech-enabled/efficient. Would highly recommend him!
William Ziesing
William Z.
14:12 22 Jun 20
Used A&C chartered accountants during a very busy and stressful time during this lockdown! Have nothing to say but absolute praise for this business! Mila and Paul were absolutely fantastic! Always in touch over phone and very understanding! Couldn’t recommend these guys enough!Very professionalOnce again Thankyou!Adam
Adam Mcdonagh
Adam M.
13:20 15 Jun 20
I am very pleased with the A&C Chartered Accountants. I have a quite unusual problem and both Paul and Laura are very helpful. They are doing whatever they can to help me. I am very happy I found them, especially in the time of pandemia.
Gabriel Kłosiński
Gabriel K.
17:53 05 May 20
Excellent accountants. Very professional and at the cutting edge in terms of technology - all the while maintaining old fashioned values of sitting down face to face with an excellent cup of coffee! Highly recommend.
Mark Quinn
Mark Q.
10:47 19 Feb 20

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