5 tips to help you stick to your new year resolution this year

5 tips to help you stick to your new year resolution this year:

According to GoCompare, 23 million Brits made a new year resolution last year. But, on average, a resolution is broken in just seven weeks. Whether you want to improve your health, organise your finances, or reduce your impact on the environment, these five tips can help you reach the end of 2022 on track.

1. Focus on one resolution

When you think about the changes you want to make, you may have several different areas you want to improve. However, building skills to secure a new job, increasing the amount of exercise you do, or learning a new hobby all at the same time can be overwhelming. To improve your chances of success, prioritise one area to focus on this year. Once your new resolution has become a habit, you may want to add other goals, but take your time and give each resolution the full attention it deserves.

2. Make a detailed plan with small steps

While you may have a single, large goal, it can seem insurmountable. Where possible, break your goal down into smaller chunks and create a detailed plan with a timeline of when you’ll reach each milestone. Remember, you’ve got 12 months to embrace the change you want to make – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. If exercising more is your goal, adding an extra 20 active minutes into your weekly schedule every month can seem a lot less daunting than starting your training programme with workouts every day.

3. Keep your motivation in mind

Why have you settled on this resolution? What is motivating you to make this change now? There will likely be times during the year when you want to give up or skip plans in favour of something else, keeping your driving factor in mind can help you retain your focus. Having the bigger picture in mind when you first make your resolution can help keep you going even when you’re struggling.

4. Track your process

Have you defined when you’ve reached your goal? Without a measurable target, it can be hard to stay motivated and see the improvements you’re making. By tracking your progress you can see how each small step you’re taking is leading to a bigger change.

5. Celebrate your successes

When tracking your progress, don’t forget to celebrate your success. Every small step you take towards a larger goal is important and recognising each milestone can give you a boost to keep going. Whether you give yourself a treat or proudly share an update on social media, recognising the efforts you’re making can improve your mindset and the outcome.



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