A&C’s Top 5 Xero User Tips

We are bringing you our top 5 tips to make Xero even easier to use! We have collected our 5 top tips that our a&c account managers use every day.

1. Shortcuts

There are plenty of little shortcuts that we could share with you, but here are our top 5 shortcuts our account managers mostly use.

Shortcut Shortcut key(s) Example
Day in the next week next [day] If today is Monday, using shortcut: next fri enters the date of the next Friday
Date in current month (number) Enter 15 for the 15th of current month
Months after today’s date +[number]m In the date field, enter +1m for 1 month after today’s date
Weeks before today’s date -[number]w Enter –1w for 1 week before today’s date
First of any month in any year [month]/[year] Enter July 2012 for 1 July 2012

For all Xero’s shortcuts click here

2. Add a Shortcut to Your Desktop

a&c Chartered Accountants are all about time efficiency so all our account managers have added a direct link to Xero on their desktop.

To do this go to www.xero.com, and drag the blue Xero logo on to your desktop. Xero hassle!

3. Use Payment References

Reconciling your statement lines, make life easy and be sure to put in a reference code/number in the Reference field on the Awaiting Payment invoice or Bill when recording the payment. You will thank yourself later!

4. Inbuilt Calculator

Our account managers use the inbuilt calculator to calculate simple equations using a few quick shortcuts:

Use + to add

Use  to subtract

Use * to multiply

Use () to group e.g. (19.95*.80)+30 

5. Utilise the Help Centre

The help center is like the Google Search of Xero, enter anything and you are sure to find the answer. Not only are there helpful articles, but screeds of informative videos too. Here’s a few videos to get you started.

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