Involved in Home Improvements?

The Tax Man want’s his cut

The Tax Man will target tradespeople working in the home improvement market, and people who receive income from buying and selling goods direct to others, or are paid commission. HMRC will use new technology to search the internet for information about specified, targeted people and businesses.

The new campaigns will focus on:

  • Missing returns. This will contribute to wider HMRC activity tackling failure to complete tax returns. It will initially focus on those who fail to complete tax returns and who are liable to pay tax at the highest rates.
  • Home improvement trades. This will build on campaigns aimed at plumbers and electricians, and will include several 100,000 tradespeople in construction and building work such as roofing, window fitting, bricklaying, carpentry and joinery.
  • Direct selling. This will target customers who ought to be paying tax on income they earn from buying and selling goods direct to others, or from the commission on these sales.

From prevous campaigns they have collected over £500m, so you have been warned.  Come and talk to us and come clean before it is too late. Speak to paul on 0161 962 1855 or email

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