Magento eCommerce Platform

Magento is a very high performance and extremely scalable eCommerce solution for fast growing and business that are susceptible to change.  It offers the flexibility to help create rich consumer experiences with a tailored back end workflow and has hundreds of extensions available.

The Magento platform has the flexibility and vast array of features to help create an eCommerce solution that is tailored exactly to your own unique needs.  It will assist in driving more traffic to your online store whilst helping to convert those that are simply browsing into real buyers which in turn will help to boost your online revenue.

Did you know for example that 1 out of every 4 online business chooses Magento as their eCommerce platform and that is has approximately $25 billion+ in transaction volume each and every year.

Magento is known as the market leader in eCommerce and is as mentioned previously the preferred choice for the majority of businesses out there due to it’s extremely strong feature set.  This software is supported by a large number of major service providers and can be linked up with Xero to allow integration with your online trading and accounts.

If you are serious about accelerating your growth as a business then Magento features some new category merchandising tools for example which will help in boosting your conversion rates along with an integrated Tax Manager to easily help with building campaigns and producing reports.  Add to that the mobile app toolkit and you are able to expand your mobile reach and sales even further afield.

It also offers you the ultimate in flexibility giving you the control over look and feel and the all important functionality of your website.  This allows you to create, develop and deliver your very own brand whilst offering an amazing shopping experience.

Make sure you don’t ignore your mobile customers – by doing this your are pretty much handing over money to your competitors.  With Magento’s mobile features you can optimise your store for viewing on any device which obviously gives your customers the power to browse, shop and buy whenever and however they choose.

With Magento you have the power to:-

  • create a compelling mobile shopping experience for your customers
  • build a branded mobile storefront that seamlessly integrates with your online store
  • magento handles the complexity so you can focus on selling and profits
  • fully customisable
  • native to iphone, ipad, android, plus html5


Just by reading through the above information you can hopefully start to see exactly how by using Magento and Xero it allows you to concentrate and focus fully on more client facing work, which will also remove the hassles that come with the administration side of the business.

If you would like to learn more about Magento, what it has to offer and the integration abilities we would love for you to contact us on 0161 962 1855 for a free and informal chat with a member of our cloud based support team.

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