Receipt Bank Paperless Management

Receipt Bank gives a new style of managing all of your paperwork including invoices and receipts.

Using the Receipt Bank service, allows the customer to quickly and simply send all the bills through Email, Application, or Post at which point they will be converted in to usable data which can then feed back into your Xero Accounting Software with a seamless integration. The user simply needs to take a photo of the bill or receipt and Receipt Bank takes care of the rest.   Receipt Bank can store data and images for about seven years, allowing the user to edit, amend, and view any of the held data. The primary function of this is to help remove any hassles that come with the dealing of boring paperwork on a daily basis.

Receipt Bank manages the up keep of your company’s paperwork such as receipts, bills, and invoices by removing the use of data entry and allowing you to focus your time elsewhere. It can publish all of the data in the accounting software which can be downloaded in a form of a spreadsheet or used for creating an expense report for example. This works for accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses using the developed software and service and is intended for the gathering, processing, and storing of the sales invoices and receipts.

Using Receipt Bank, the user can select numerous methods of submission including Dropbox, smartphone applications, and email, whichever suits your business the best. There is also an option for an automatic line extraction that can be activated on all digital invoices if required.  Receipt Bank has an additional option to access the line items which can be executed manually for other kind of items which allows the user to allocate the lines in different categories, locations, and classes, which also enables the application of different rates of tax.

Receipt Bank converts all paper type receipts and sales invoices into readable data that can be used in the business. The features of Receipt Bank includes the posting, uploading, or searching of invoices and receipts for its processing and will typically eliminate the cost and time involved when processing the business expenses, invoices, and receipts. The common users of Receipt Bank are freelancers and small businesses to the larger sized enterprises as the use of Receipt Bank is known to make the business work more efficiently.

The application of Receipt Bank into your business will create a more functional system for your business and allow you as the the business owner to focus on other things that can make the business earn more like sales and marketing for example.

If you would like to learn more about Receipt Bank, what it has to offer and exactly how we can help you to get a seamless integration setup between Xero and Receipt Bank we would love for you to contact us on 0161 962 1855 for a free and informal chat with a member of our friendly cloud based support team.

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