Streamtime Ultimate Design Studio

If you are a freelancer or run your own digital agency then Streamtime could potentially be exactly what you have been looking for as it is a fully integrated management solution which encompasses project management, time tracking and CRM to name a few.

As you would expect Streamtime is cloud based which means it will allow you to manage your business from wherever you want, whenever you want and will also work seamlessly across mobiles and desktops using the latest technologies available.

Streamtime takes away the necessity of having to run multiple project management and timesheet software and gives you a fully integrated time tracking, quoting, project management, CRM, purchase ordering and invoicing system which is extremely easy to learn and use so you will be up and running in no time at all.

Let Streamtime take the hassle out of tracking and recording time and materials as it offers you latest upto the minute information to your desktop or smartphone which of course helps with the prevention of missed billing opportunities for example.  Add to that the ability to produce estimates and quotes which Streamtime can email out directly to your clients which saves you time and effort to focus on other aspects of the business.

If reporting is your thing then Streamtime can offer powerful sales management and reporting tools to help record and measure pre and post sales performance.  It also gives you the ability to set your clients budgets, produce contact reports and keep ahead of your competitors when it comes to sales opportunities.

Streamtime offers over fifty specialised financial and business reports as standard which give you the opportunity to get a real handle over your business and focus on the areas that are really struggling.  At your fingertips is the power to identify your most profitable clients the one ones that are causing you serious headaches.

The real beauty of Streamtime is the ability to break it’s jobs down into tasks and then go ahead and place the tasks on something called a timeline.  This timeline can then obviously be monitor / viewed on a monthly, daily or weekly basis if and when required.  Check immediately who is available and then schedule upcoming tasks and manage exactly how long they will last.  Once identified you can then go ahead and assign these individual tasks to each and every one of your team members whilst at the same time being able to also set due dates for when they should be completed.


Just by reading through the above information you can hopefully start to see exactly how by using Streamtime and Xero it allows you to concentrate and focus fully on more client facing work, which will also remove the hassles that come with the administration side of the business.

If you would like to learn more about Streamtime, what it has to offer and the integration abilities we would love for you to contact our cloud based support team on 0161 962 1855 for a free and informal chat with a member of our team.

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