xero partners with spotify

XERO partners with Shopify strengthening the relationship of 150,000+ merchants

Xero (@Xero) announced today that it is partnering with Shopify (@Shopify), an industry leading commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at their retail location, and everywhere in between. The exciting new dual platform integration is expected to go live later on this year (2015).

With more and more businesses turning to Shopify as a true, powerful and robust, yet intuitive and simple e-commerce platform it’s perfect timing for XERO to announce their seamless cloud accounting integration. Here is the official statement from Xero relating to their timely and much anticipated big step that’s just been waiting to happen: Shopify partners with Xero

If you’re not familiar with Shopify (helped massively by US entrepreneur Tim Ferriss of 4 Hour Work Week fame) it is a platform that allows any one to sell online regardless of technical skill. Shopify provides everything you made need to sell online anywhere and trusted by over 150,000 business owners. Shopify offers a professional online storefront, a payment solution to accept credit cards, a point of sale system to power retail sales and a card reader to process credit card transactions through a mobile phone.

“The Start-up’s Secret Weapon: Contests” or “How to Turn $100K into $12,000,000”

– Tim Ferriss,

Read here on the 4 Hour Work Week blog the background about Shopify and it’s inception, and how it’s helped so many entrepreneurs succeed across the globe.

The partnership between the two technological giants now allows Shopify merchants to seamlessly track the impact of sales on their business financials, frees up time spent on manual data entry, and minimises the frustrations created by working with two separate systems.

Here at A&C Chartered Accountants we believe the future of accounting truly lies in cloud accounting. Not only that, we are very excited to see so many technologically advanced small to medium sized businesses starting out, making use of both our cloud accounting services, but also of so many fantastic services such as Spotify. 5 years or so ago, when such services didn’t exist, people’s life choices to go into business for themselves were restricted by cost and know how.

We’re extremely proud to be at the cutting edge of cloud apps and software integration and you can read more about our holistic integrations here: partner services and partner apps.

To learn more about our ethos and motivation to create something new and exciting with A&C Chartered Accountants, have a look at our article “Take A Walk In The Cloud“…

Migrating from Sage 50 to XERO – let us help

Making the switch from Sage to Xero – we’re here to help

xero-gold-partner-logoXERO conversion & set-up

Whether you’re starting a new business or moving from an existing system such as Sage50 we can help you business move to the cloud.

Here at A&C Chartered Accountants we’re a certified XERO Gold Partner – with literally decades of experience in accounting, taxation, banking and consulting. Our dedicated team will work with you to ensure your XERO cloud accounting system is set up properly and your existing processes and data migrated accordingly. On time, and online.

You will LOVE working in the cloud … A&C Chartered Accountants – Anytime.

Sage 50 to XERO

xero vs sage ukOur XERO Gold Partner accredited  team are able to migrate your current business from using offline accountancy packages such as Sage 50, to the cloud using XERO. XERO is feature rich cloud based accounting platform that is comparable in functionality to Sage 50, making it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, and simply far superior to the over simplified Sage One cloud package.

Our team will migrate the Sage database and ensure all records are correct in the conversion and migration process. We’re here every step of the way to integrate XERO into your business processes, which also means, full support and training following the migration, as well as taking a holistic view into any other integrated systems you may have in place.

Take a look at our cloud accounting apps and partners whom we are accustomed to integrating as full bespoke solution. We also have web development and IT partners on stand by who can assist with any customised solution you have in place already with Sage.

Foreign Currency Transactions? – No Problem

We even migrate your business foreign currency conversion, which is a particular difficult task for any business during migration. The massive benefit to foreign currency transaction using XERO in the cloud, is real time, live XE.com currency conversion, so your business is always presenting accurate data at the time of transaction.

Read more about our Sage to Xero migration service.

Using something else?

Not using Sage 50 or Sage One? No problem. Our team of technical gurus can review your current system, and develop a migration plan that’s efficient, accurate, and affordable.

New Business Start Up

Team-3Are you a new business and investigating the benefits of XERO over Sage? If you’re looking for an accounting system that can keep up with you offering affordability, flexibility, efficiency and that will save you both time and money, then XERO is for you. Why XERO? XERO will give you true power over your business.

Xero launched in the UK in 2008 after seeing huge success in its native New Zealand. Its usage has grown exponentially and is now the go-to choice for cloud accounting. At its core Xero is about freedom, it offers an unmatched level of accounting flexibility, powerful automation and collaboration whilst placing you firmly in control of your financial data.

However in addition to its feature-rich functionality, Xero really comes into its own through integrations with third party apps. Whether you run a plumbing firm, hairdressers or e-commerce business the chances are you’ll be able to directly integrate with Xero to streamline your workflow. Or leverage a specific app that’s been designed to do exactly what you need and make your life that little bit easier.

Our dedicated XERO team can recommend how best to set Xero up for your specific business needs. We can also make recommendations for any Xero Add-on’s, as well as other cloud apps, that could help you get even more out of your investment.  If you want to stretch the limits of Xero’s functionality A&C Chartered Accountants can design your custom reports, and any other specific configuration requirements you may have. The opportunities and insights are limitless.

If you’re interested in XERO over Sage, or, are currently using a Sage accounting package and want to migrate over to XERO – Contact Us now and we’ll be able to assist.