Expensify – Simplified Expense Reporting

A&C Chartered Accountants are extremely excited with the partnership we have formed with Expensify which is a tool that allows you to streamline the way that your employees use the accounting system to submit and manage their expenses.  The clever ability to integrate with other software also allows you to further streamline the way that information is exported to your accounting package.

Expensify it essentially expenses made easy and will allow you to quickly add cash expenses as well as automatically import all card transactions.  Add to that the ability to capture mileage, time and other expenses and you will start to understand the power of this product.  Expensify will help you to import and manage all of your personal, corporate and commercial cards and currently supports over 160 currencies as well as international taxes.

Some additional features of Expensify include SmartScanning which inputs the receipt information and then matches the receipt to the expense.  With Expensify you as the administrator you can process hundreds of reports in one click for example whilst also ensuring that the relevant controls are in place to eliminate duplicate entries of expenses.

What if we told you that you can take a photo of your receipt whilst out on the road using your mobile and then create and submit expense reports from your phone with the free mobile apps that are provided.

This is of course applicable to any industry where expense submission is part of your daily routine and will change the way you operate forever simply by easing the headaches that come with the handling of large volumes of receipts and expense claims.

Just by reading through the above information you can hopefully start to see exactly how by using Expensify and Xero it allows you to concentrate and focus fully on more client facing work, which will also remove the hassles that come with the administration side of the business.

If you are one of these people that loves Xero but hates receipts then the expensify-xero integration is for you as it lets you transform you pockets full of receipts into the payable ledger within Xero.  The powerful integration will help you pull in the company’s Xero expense accounts with one click which obviously gives the user the ability to organise and manage their expenses either via their mobile or web app.

As if all this wasn’t enough you are also able to take expense reports that have been submitted and approved and export them easily into payables.  The bulk export facility is a priceless piece of functionality as this will allow you to process your entire company’s expense simply with one click of a button – what more could you ask for!  Just think of the time and effort you will save with this one piece of functionality alone.

If you would like to learn more about Expensify, what it has to offer and the integration abilities we would love for you to contact us on 0161 962 1855 for a free and informal chat with a member of our cloud based support team.