Tradegecko Inventory Management Software

Tradegecko is a cloud based inventory management software that will help to simplify all of your order and inventory operations and assist with your business growth at the same time freeing you up to spend time on other aspects of the business.

This software platform includes numerous valuable features focusing on inventory management, order management, multi channel sales, multiple warehouses, customer relationships and accounting through to B2B ordering.

For example Tradegecko will allow self service online ordering to both your distributors and retailers giving a complete solution that will handle all backend operations and in turn take orders from B2B customers with ease.  It will give the customer the power to be able to log in and see their products and prices in real time – making the complete wholesale ordering extremely simple for all concerned.

The inventory management feature within Tradegecko will help to improve all tracking through automatically updated stock levels no matter when any purchase or sales have been made.  This also means that your stock management will be a lot easier to manager which should help you as a business to avoid any stockouts which would obviously cause a loss of sales and hit your profits.

The order management addition will focus on customer satisfaction at all times as it gives you the power to synchronise your orders with your inventory and allow the order managements process to flow as simply as possible for all concerned.

If you as a business are looking to grow and in turn increase revenue then you will no doubt be interested in adding sales channels to help with this.  Tradegecko makes this extremely simply by allowing you to sell on sales channels via B2C e-commerce such as WooCommerce or Magento, or via mobile sales app for example.  No matter which sales channel your sales are being made through they will still be managed via one central order management system.

One of the most interesting feature with Tradegecko is the ability to record your customers purchase history , details and preferences which will allow you in studying their future behaviours.  Obviously this can then be used to add default discounts for future orders as an example – the power is endless.

Finally there is the reporting functionality which gives you the power to access accurate sales figures wherever and whenever – of course all in real time – giving you the ability to focus on those all important metrics which can help with your businesses growth.

Just by reading through the above information you can hopefully start to see exactly how by using Tradegecko, it will allow you to concentrate and focus fully on more client facing work, which will also remove the hassles that come with the administration side of the business.

If you would like to learn more about Tradegecko, what it has to offer and the integration abilities we would love for you to contact us on 0161 962 1855 for a free and informal chat with a member of our team.

xero inventory control

XERO introduces inventory control and management for your business

We were ‘born in the Cloud’ which continues to enable an unmatched pace of innovation to the ongoing benefit of our customers. Our fast SaaS model has delivered over 150 new features and improvements so far this year,

said chief product officer Angus Norton.

Our latest innovations allow customers to manage cash flow through effective stock management, easily convert new business prospects through online quotes and manage their receipts, expenses and payments.

And CEO Rod Drury said

Today we’ve not only matched most of the features of traditional desktop software, but taken it beyond in terms of ease-of-use, mobility, value and performance. This is about ensuring more small businesses have the opportunity to succeed through a constant wave of innovations.

XERO release their brand new inventory control management upgrade available to all today, well within the 90 day timeframe that managing director Chris Ridd had informed iTWire that they would. This latest upgrade to the XERO platform may just be the final blow to the cloud accounting market place – leaving their competitors laps behind and shaking their head in amazement.

The latest addition to the power packed and intuitive user control features of XERO allows the real time tracking of the quantity and value of stock held by any small to medium sized business. The integration allows very easily items of stock to be added to quotes and sales invoices from within the XERO dashboard. For companies with multiple warehouses and more complex stock control needs there are literally hundreds of XERO approved apps to integrate alongside such as UNLEASHED and other XERO approved partner add-ons.

xero inventory managementTodays release sees XERO allow existing businesses who sell finished products to easily track, monitor, and seamlessly integrate into your accounting records your business stock.

Now, whether you are in the office, or abroad on holiday and only have access to your smart phone, you can login 24/7 and monitor your business inventory in the cloud. Each time you enter a transaction you can see instantly how much inventory you have on hand. You can also at a glance see the average sale price of any item, alongside reporting of the value of your stock holding. In an instant you can see which products are selling well, and which are not. The ramifications on purchasing and promotions are huge for the small business owner, and the power and flexibility of having this information at the touch of a button at any time, anywhere is powerful beyond words.

Flexibility with Tracked and Untracked inventory

XERO makes the distinction between tracked and untracked inventory and you can assign physical tangible stock to tracked, and things like services, drop-ship items, freight and so on can be assigned to untracked for anything you don’t need to keep count of.

With tracked items, Xero does all your inventory accounting for you. We continually update the inventory on your balance sheet so you always know the real-time value of your items. Your cost of goods sold is calculated for you, this allows you to keep an eye on your profit

Look out for even more inventory updates from XERO

XERO are not stopping there. We’ve got a lot planned for future releases, including additional reports, archive of inventory items, setting and managing minimum re-order levels and inventory count (stock take).

Xero added quoting to the system in January, and according to the company “Online Quotes complements Xero’s Online Invoicing capability, enabling small businesses to improve business efficiency and cash flow by making it easier and faster for quotes to be provided and approved on site and online, and for invoices to be sent and paid quickly.


Last October, XERO, also added the XERO Files online storage feature, that is now enhanced by Side by Side files (pictured above). This functionality allows things such as receipts to be kept alongside and linked to the relevant purchases inside the dashboard.