We are different

Accounts and tax is easy, if you have the knowledge. Most people can gain the knowledge but knowing how and when to use it is all about being different. One important lesson I learned from the master was to be ‘forever vigilant’, that is to identify opportunities and apply your knowledge for the benefit of your client. This is just one of our differentiating skills.

As an example of this, whenever we take on new clients we always carry out a prior year tax review. For instance, we were recently engaged to solely prepare capital gains tax computations and a tax return for a client. We took it upon ourselves to review his tax affairs for the past four years and from this we expect to secure a personal tax refund by identifying a claim that he had not made which should net him in the region of £7,000!!!. Want to know how we did this and how we could do the same for you?, then ring paul at a&c chartered accountants on 0161 962 1855

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