Cliniko Practice Management Software

Cliniko is a superbly reliable and trusted software used my numerous healthcare providers around the world.  It is completely secure, ensuring that your information is secure and that your data is automatically backed up on a regular basis.  Cliniko is trusted by thousands of companies on over 55 countries worldwide some of which include the UK, Australia and Canada for example.

Cliniko is a real favourite especially with podiatrists, massage therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths and is very powerful as you are able to access from anywhere using your tablet, smartphone, PC or mac which allows access from the comfort of your own home and even when out on the road.

Have you ever thought about giving your patients the ability to book themselves in online – well Cliniko allows you to do that and in turn will allow you to manage your schedule from anywhere on any device.  Also if you need to create an appointment quickly for one of your existing patients then you can do this simply by running a search by name for example and Cliniko will allow you to book an appointment whilst adding this to your patients record seamlessly behind the scenes.

Cliniko will even send out appointment reminders automatically meaning you don’t have to lift a finger.  With the automated SMS and email reminder services available with Cliniko you will soon start to understand how this software can save you time and money with patient no-shows for instance becoming a thing of the past.

With it’s preset and configurable templates Cliniko allows you to keep secure treatment notes at your convenience so that they work exactly how you want as it will be you setting them up from the start.  By keeping your secure treatment notes within Cliniko you will have the ability to search instantly through all of your documents quickly and easily.  It will also allow you to flag incomplete treatment notes for examples so that they appear on your dashboard as a reminder that you need to go back at some point and finish them off.

In summary Cliniko is the complete practice management software suite that will provide you as a business and your customers with the tools to run your business as effectively as possible all from one single app.  Cliniko is 100% focused on making the booking of an initial appointment booking, file treatment notes, reports and much more as simple as possible for all concerned.  With it’s direct integration into Xero to give synchronised financial data you will have more time on your hands to focus elsewhere.

Just by reading through the above information you can hopefully start to see exactly how by using Cliniko and Xero it allows you to concentrate and focus fully on more client facing work, which will also remove the hassles that come with the administration side of the business.

If you would like to learn more about Cliniko, what it has to offer and the integration abilities we would love for you to contact us on 0161 962 1855 for a free and informal chat with a member of our cloud based support team.